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Nestled overlooking the beautiful Sierra Valley is where High Serra Coffee has operated as a family owned business for well over a decade. We love what we do and we love sharing our quality roasted coffee with those looking for the finest taste in their cup.

Our journey began when we ventured down the road of roasting our own coffee. We were looking for the finest taste as well; we wanted coffee that was smooth, rich but not over-roasted. High Sierra Coffee grew as others tasted our specialty coffee and knew that it would always be consistent and the freshest they could find.

With our small batch roasting process every roast is handcrafted bringing out the optimum flavor of each specific origin. Our coffee doesn’t sit on the shelves, we roast weekly and our coffees are guaranteed fresh.

Maybe you are looking for real taste in a cup of coffee instead of just the benefits that it brings or maybe you have never really tasted a great cup of specialty coffee. Whatever the reason that led you to us, we hope that your search has ended.

We invite you to be part of our coffee community and join us on this journey of experiencing a smooth, rich taste in every cup whether you are heading to work,
sitting by a cozy fire or enjoying an early morning on your deck or porch like we do.

Russ & Lynda Dickman

Russ Dickman-Owner 

Lynda Dickman-Owner

High Sierra Coffee

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